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Controlling AbleSet with your MIDI controller

AbleSet's Max for Live device

If you prefer controlling your setlist via MIDI instead of a phone or tablet, you can use AbleSet's Max for Live device:

Download AbleSet Controller

To use this device, just drag it on any audio or MIDI track in your Ableton session. The controller will connect to AbleSet automatically. You can then map any of the functions to your MIDI controller as you're used to.

The Play, Pause, Next Song, and Prev. Song buttons are self-explanatory, but the Play Cued Song button has a special behavior. It only plays the next song after playback has been stopped by a

STOP (or
) marker, or the current song if playback is stopped and the playhead is on the start marker of a song. This is a safety measure that prevents accidental skips to the next song while the current song is still playing. In the most minimal setup, you only need to map this button to your MIDI controller.