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  • Fixed an issue where AbleSet would take long to load when it thought it had an internet connection even though there was none – Thanks Mark!
  • Disabled notifications about automatic failed update checks
  • Rolled back a change that caused the app to crash for some people on macOS
  • Removed the "place cue on a beat" warnings when using an 8/8 time signature
  • After a stop marker has been reached, pressing Space will jump to the next song – Thanks Mickey!
    • When Autoplay is disabled, pressing Space a second time will start playback
    • The same behavior is also available in the Ableton Device's "Play Cued Cue" button
  • Pressing Shift+Space will start the current cue again instead of continuing playback – Thanks Mickey!
  • The Performance view now shows the current song's duration as well as the number and duration of remaining songs – Thanks Mickey!
  • Improved performance and reliability
  • Quick Play buttons now stay visible when the performance mode is locked – Thanks Devin!
  • You can now add or remove all songs from your setlist with a simple button at the bottom of the setlist – Thanks Devin!
  • Improved logging for easier debugging in case something goes wrong
  • Fixed issues with looping when AbleNet is enabled – Thanks Marco!
  • Fixed a flash of the next cue when looping back to the last cues – Thanks Marco!
  • Fixed an issue where imported setlists would not be saved – Thanks Marco!
  • Improved metadata storage in Ableton, the project is only touched when data has actually changed – Thanks Stijn!
  • Improved performance
  • Added a tooltip on song durations that could not be measured automatically
  • Added a Shift+L shortcut in performance mode to lock/unlock it – Thanks Chase!
  • Added an autoscroll on the setlist when the song changes – Thanks Stijn!
  • Added a filter for Clyphx cues, AbleSet now ignores them completely – Thanks Stijn!
  • Improved the reliability of the song duration measurement
  • Fixed the plugin installation process on some systems
    • If there is a problem with permissions, AbleSet will ask for elevated privileges and try again
  • Fixed a bug where AbleSet jumped to the wrong cue upon reaching a stop point
  • Fixed an issue when port 3000 is already in use by another app on your computer
  • Fixed an issue that caused higher latency every 2.5 seconds which could cause glitches
  • Added an option to lock the current setlist – Thanks George!
    • Locking the setlist disables the editing mode so that the song order can't be accidentally changed.
  • Hid the AbleSet dock icon on macOS – Thanks Stijn!
  • Fixed an issue where macOS would suspend AbleSet after a while which sometimes led to glitches
  • Fixed an issue where AbleSet would jump to the wrong time upon reaching a stop point
  • Fixed AbleSet stopping playback sometimes when jumping to a song that has a stop marker
  • Added more logs for the plugin installation process
  • Fixed a bug where jumping to the next cue during the last bar of a loop would not work – Thanks Marco!
  • Improved logging of playback errors
  • Added an option to disable the AbleNet drift correction – Thanks Devin!
  • The tray window now opens after closing the onboarding window
  • Fixed a bug where some AbleNet wouldn't be sent to some computers
  • Settings are now automatically synced to new AbleSet instances that join AbleNet
  • Fixed an issue where the web app would not show the current state after the client wakes back up from sleep – Thanks Russell!
  • Made importing setlists more reliable – Thanks Russell!
  • Added more information to the log files for easier debugging
  • Added automatic drift correction for AbleNet – Thanks Moritz!
    • In some cases, the computers would start playback slightly out of sync due to network or disk latency
    • Drift correction will now automatically nudge the computers back into sync using Ableton's Phase Nudge feature

This has been one of the biggest releases in a while.

  • AbleSet can now control multiple computers in a redundant playback setup
    • You can activate it by enabling "AbleNet" in the settings menu
    • More details are available in the documentation
    • Big thanks to the beta testers who provided feedback on this feature
  • Added a new subcue type that you can quickly access in the performance view – Thanks for the idea, Russell!
    • Prefix your subcue with
      instead of
      to add it to the performance view
  • You can now view AbleSet's logs in the settings menu
  • Many performance and stability improvements
  • Added support for loops that always play to the end when you escape them – Thanks Russell!
    • Just add
      to the end of a cue instead of
  • Added the ability to escape a loop using the Max 4 Live device
  • Added a new
    cue that you can use to mark the end of a song without stopping playback – Thanks for the idea, Ollie!
  • Added keyboard support for controlling playback
  • You'll now see the description of subcues in the performance view
  • Added a warning for cues that aren't placed on a beat
  • Added support for iOS 15's new Safari
  • Added an error message when updating AbleSet failed
  • Lots of under-the-hood performance, stability, and UX improvements
  • Fixed an issue where the onboarding and plugin installation windows wouldn't open on macOS – Thanks Michael!
  • Fixed an issue where AbleSet wouldn't start on macOS versions below Mojave (10.14) – Thanks Ollie!
  • Fixed an issue where imported setlists wouldn't affect track skipping – Thanks Thorsten!
  • Fixed an issue with large setlists not loading on macOS – Thanks Charlie!
  • Made notifications silent so they don't disrupt your set

Here's a video of the new features

  • Added support for loops in the arrangement
    • Simply add +LOOP to the end of a cue and the section between it and the next cue will be looped
  • Added option to turn off Autoplay – Thanks Thorsten for the idea!
    • When Autoplay is turned off, clicking on a song in AbleSet won't start playback but will just move the cursor to the selected cue so you can start playback manually
  • Added a button to lock the performance view – Thanks Jasper!
  • The play/pause button now has a slight green tint when Ableton is playing
  • The skip buttons will now flash green while the next or previous song is queued
  • General performance and stability improvements
  • Added support for Ableton Live 11
    • After upgrading, make sure that you install and enable the AbleSet plugin in Ableton Live 11
  • Upgraded dependencies to the latest version
  • Fixed an issue with umlauts and other special characters in cue names - Thanks Benjamin!
  • Fixed the "next song" button sometimes skipping to the wrong song - Thanks Léon!
  • Upgraded dependencies to the latest version
  • Fixed setlist duration shortly being wrong when saving the setlist
  • Fixed a little UI inconsistency in the application windows' borders on macOS
  • Fixed error messages when the provided license key is invalid

Here's a video of the new features

  • Made AbleSet compatible with Windows
  • Added the ability to see the duration of your setlist and its songs
  • Performance improvments
  • Initial relase of AbleSet 🚀