AbleSet Icon



  • Added more labels to icon buttons for better accessibility
  • Fixed AbleSet not automatically switching to the next available computer when the connection to Live is lost
  • Addressed an issue where AbleSet could be stuck connecting to Live when the app is started before Live is available
  • Addressed an issue where AbleSet would display outdated information about the setlist when Live becomes unresponsive for a few seconds
  • Added a button to sort the setlist alphabetically and a button to discard changes made to the setlist while in edit mode
  • Improved the reliability of detecting whether Live can be reached
  • Improved the stability of reading locators and section clips from the current project
  • Fixed single
    characters being removed from song names
  • Added the ability to enable the loop bracket even if the playhead isn't currently in it
    • In this case, the loop bracket is automatically moved to the current section before being enabled
  • Improved the stability when loading project files in multi-file projects
  • Fixed performance & lyrics view not working on iOS and iPadOS 12
  • Fixed loop bracket not moving to the correct section when jumping between sections while the count-in setting is enabled
  • Added more class names to buttons and other elements in the web app for easier styling
  • Addressed an issue where sections weren't properly loaded in multi-file projects
  • Fixed an issue where AbleSet wouldn't properly read project files stored on an external hard drive on Windows
  • Added an option to display the section names on the progress bar in performance view
  • Added a looping class to the lyrics page for more customizability
  • Added an option to transmit fine updates to the playhead position via OSC
  • Added a new fine argument to the /subscribe OSC command that allows you to opt-in to receiving fine value updates, e.g. for the playhead position and for song/section progress
  • Fixed an issue when trying to parse project files that contained a # in the path name
  • Addressed an issue where sections and the setlist name might not be loaded correctly after opening a project file that takes a while to load
  • Fixed chord transposing not applying to chords that aren't associated with text
  • Added an option to choose which view AbleSet opens by default
  • Added OSC events for properties of the next section
  • Added OSC events for the current song and section progress
  • Added OSC events for the previous, current, and next lyrics line
  • Added more class names to the visual metronome for easier styling
  • Fixed projects being saved when switching between songs even when the option is disabled
  • Fixed a missing space between "minutes" and "remaining" in the status window
  • Added the ability to map a command to any incoming CC value
  • Added two new OSC commands to jump to the previous or next section in a song that matches a given name (see docs)
  • Fixed a bug that caused CC MIDI mappings to respond to any CC regardless of what was set on the mapping page
  • Added support for the PlayAUDIO1U
  • Lyrics improvements:
    • Added the ability to use M and N to scroll through the lyrics
      • Once used, the current lyrics line is pinned so it doesn't change when the playhead crosses the next lyrics line in Live's arrangement
      • This is helpful for songs that don't use a metronome so you can't specify the timing of lyrics precisely
      • You can use ⇧ + M to toggle this function on or off
    • Added support for ruby characters in lyrics
    • Added support for markdown and newlines in lyrics with chords
    • Added more track attributes for lyrics:
      • [allsongs] to displays the lyrics of all songs on one continuous page
      • [full] makes all images on the lyrics track full-sized
    • Improved the performance of the lyrics page
  • Performance View improvements:
    • Added a simple clock module to the performance view
    • Added an option to hide the song progress bar in the performance view
    • Added an option to hide the number of remaining songs
    • Improved the layout consistency of items on the performance page
    • Made the performance settings more readable by indenting individual tags and hiding them when the “Song Information” section is disabled
  • MIDI Mapping improvements:
    • Added an AbleNet toggle for each MIDI input on the MIDI mapping page (see docs)
      • Since most redundant setups use a MIDI controller that is connected to all playback computers, MIDI commands aren’t sent to other computers via AbleNet anymore by default
    • Added an indicator that flashes MIDI mappings on the MIDI mapping page when they are triggered
    • Added support for press/hold note commands
    • Added support for mapping PC events
  • Added more OSC commands:
    • AbleSet can now uniquely identify client devices on the network
    • New commands to lock/unlock clients and to navigate to a given URL (see docs)
    • A notification system that can be triggered via OSC (see docs)
    • An endpoint for jumping by a given number of lyric lines (see docs)
    • A new command to jump to a random song in the setlist (see docs)
    • Commands to control AbleNet (see docs)
      • A new /getHeartbeat command to trigger a heartbeat from AbleSet
  • Added an option to remove played songs from the setlist automatically
  • Added an option to always open AbleSet in a floating window instead of opening the browser
  • Added an option to automatically open the setlist view when AbleSet starts
  • Added the ability to import a setlist from a simple text file
  • Improved messages when Live is loading a project file
    • Instead of “Connection to Live is lost…”, you’ll now see “Loading Project File.als…” which is more accurate
  • Reduced false positives that would trigger the “Plugin is not installed” error in AbleSet’s status window
  • Fixed lyrics not scrolling in some cases when the performance view is locked
  • Addressed an issue where the setlist wouldn’t update properly when loading a large project file in Live
  • Fixed an issue that caused song durations to be wrong in projects created with Live 12
  • Improved error reporting
  • Fixed an issue where project files that reference files on external hard drives weren't parsed correctly on Windows, leading to incorrect song durations and other inconsistencies
  • Fixed the status window appearing half cut-off on the bottom left of the screen when starting the app on Windows 11
  • Fixed the guide track being disabled when another song is queued
  • Fixed an issue where transposing chords could lead to weird results like Fb
  • Fixed a critical bug that caused the current song to not be updated in some scenarios
  • Improved latency when starting playback if the Max for Live controller is loaded in the current project
  • Added lock buttons to the settings pages and made it more clear when settings can't be changed
  • Added more descriptive class names to the floating buttons in the setlist view
  • Fixed the web app being locked by default when opening it for the first time
  • Added a custom error screen to the web app that gives you some details about the error that occurred and allows you to reload the page
  • Improved the startup time of the AbleSet server
  • Fixed OSC commands only working when they're sent from the same computer that AbleSet is running on
  • Fixed disabling loops not working unless the playhead is currently inside of the loop bracket
  • Fixed +LOOPGUIDE tracks not being disabled when moving the playhead out of a loop while Live is paused
  • Addressed section and lyrics tracks not being loaded in rare cases after the connection to Live has been lost and restored
  • Added OSC commands to show/hide/toggle the floating setlist window
  • AbleSet now automatically scrolls to the queued song/section in the setlist view if there is one
  • Improved latency when controlling AbleSet from the browser
  • Fixed "Sync to Remote Tick" in AbleNet settings not working as expected
  • Fixed images in lyrics not working correctly when the path contains special chars (e.g. é, ñ, etc.) on Windows
  • More under-the-hood performance and stability improvements
  • Added a /setlist/jumpToQueued OSC command that immediately jumps to the queued song or section
  • Fixed lyrics images not working when the project file path contained square brackets
  • Fixed the settings page crashing in some scenarios when AbleNet is enabled
  • Fixed performance page switching back to the first lyrics track every time a new project file is loaded
  • Fixed "Cued Song" button not starting playback when a section clip is placed directly at the start of the current song
  • Added support for automatic jumps to other sections in a song
    • For example, if you'd like AbleSet to jump to the bridge after the first verse of a song, you could name the verse section
      Verse 1 >>> Bridge
    • The section that is being jumped to needs to either be defined by a locator or have a locator at the same position
    • Automatic jumps are displayed in the setlist using arrows so you can quickly see which section will be played next
    • Skipped sections are marked as such in the setlist and are excluded from the song duration
    • If the current section has an automatic jump to another section, guide tracks are muted
  • Added shortcuts for jumping between sections
    • jumps to the beginning of the current section or to the previous section
    • jumps to the next section
  • Added a "Dynamic" jump mode that jumps at the end of the current section when a section is queued and at the end of the current song when a song is queued
  • Added a floating setlist window that always stays on top
  • Added an option to show a separate loop button in performance view
  • Added a loop button to the lyrics page
  • Added a stop indicator to the next song line in lyrics and a pause indicator to section headers of sections that use a +PAUSE flag
  • Added a pause indicator in the setlist view for sections that use a +PAUSE flag
  • Added the ability to send custom OSC commands to external servers in MIDI mapping
  • Added OSC and MIDI commands for soloing or muting all click tracks
  • Added a new +CLICK flag you can add to tracks to mark them as click tracks
  • Added support for marking return tracks as click tracks
  • Added a //sleep statement that can be placed in between custom OSC commands to make AbleSet wait for a specified time
    • For example: /global/stop; //sleep 2500; /global/play makes AbleSet wait 2.5s between stopping and playing
  • Added an OSC endpoint to set and receive the Live project's global quantization
    • /global/quantization 1/2 sets the quantization to 1/2
  • Added an AbleNet toggle to the Max for Live device that allows you to disable the propagation of commands through AbleNet
    • This is helpful in a redundant setup where both computers receive the same commands via MIDI anyway, so there’s no need for AbleNet to send those commands between them
    • With this toggle enabled, playback commands like Play, Pause, and Stop are now also sent to other computers via AbleNet
  • Added support for OBS
    • When AbleSet detects that it’s loaded inside OBS, it automatically makes its background transparent, so you can, for example, embed lyrics on top of another video
  • Made the lyrics page remember the last selected lyrics track
  • Improved the latency when pressing play/pause
  • Improved the stability for importing setlists
  • When the setlist is updated, AbleSet now marks your project as changed so you'll be asked to save your project file
    • This is primarily to avoid changes to the setlist being lost when you close your project without saving it first
  • Changed the "Custom IP Addresses" label to "Connect to Custom IPs" on the settings page to make it easier to understand
  • Made image paths in lyrics case-insensitive
  • Declared the custom "scripts.js" file as a module to allow top-level imports
  • Addressed lyrics not scrolling to the top reliably when jumping to a new song
  • Addressed project files with special file names breaking some features
  • Addressed a race condition when adding or removing time in the timeline moves a lot of locators and clips which caused setlist positions to be lost
  • Fixed AbleSet not working on iOS 13 or older
  • Fixed settings not being changeable after disconnecting from WiFi
  • Fixed top-aligned lyrics being hidden behind UI elements in performance view sometimes
  • Fixed a memory leak in Chromium-based browsers when AbleSet stays in the background for too long
  • Fixed clicking the song timeline still working while the performance view is locked
  • Fixed setlists not being synced properly between AbleNet instances in some cases
  • Fixed "next section" tag not showing the correct section when jumping to the first section in a song
  • Fixed a possible race condition where Live would stop twice, leading to the playhead jumping to the start of the timeline
  • Fixed AbleSet not always stopping at markers that use the
    stop notation
  • Fixed AbleSet on Windows sometimes not recognizing that a new song has been loaded
  • Fixed clip colors not being applied to sections that also have a locator
  • Fixed notes like
    being recognized as a tag in song names
  • Fixed tags and other data being extracted out of song descriptions
  • Fixed AbleSet jumping to the wrong song after stopping in rare cases
  • Fixed jumping to a song by its position in the setlist (e.g. /setlist/jumpToSong 2) not working in multi-file projects
  • Fixed incorrect title on the "Web App Password" window
  • Fixed sections with an error not having a red background
  • Fixed lyrics images sometimes not loading when some files in the image folder aren’t images
  • Fixed lyrics fade gradient not working on Chrome/Opera/Edge
  • Added the current setlist to the log package
  • Upgraded dependencies
  • Fixed a bug that caused Multi-File Projects to be broken on Windows in some cases
  • Fixed a few UI issues related to song and section colors in the setlist view
  • Fixed AbleSet jumping to the next song when the playhead reaches a song marker that follows a
  • Added more logging around automatic jumping between songs
  • Improved the detection of the lyrics folder in projects
  • Fixed outdated project file information being used when the current project file couldn't be parsed
  • Fixed an issue that caused section headers to be missing in the lyrics of songs that aren't part of the current setlist
  • Added more logging around lyrics
  • Added custom styles to log packages for easier debugging
  • Fixed activation not working in some scenarios
  • Fixed some UI styling issues in AbleSet's windows
  • Fixed the line marker being off with top-aligned lyrics
  • Fixed a bug related to MIDI mapping that caused the server to crash in some cases
  • Added support for images in lyrics (docs)
  • Added support for custom MIDI mapping (docs)
  • Added support for tags, allowing you to filter your songs by them (docs)
  • Added a settings page to control AbleSet settings from the browser
  • Added the ability to jump to sections by clicking on them in the progress bar
  • Added a section progress bar to the performance view
  • Added an option to automatically start Live when AbleSet starts
    • This opens Live with the last project file you were using while AbleSet was running
  • Added a debug page that lists all connected browsers and the connection quality
  • Added custom class names to the "next song" line in lyrics
  • The performance view now shows the queued song or section in the "next song" area
  • Added /global/playPause and /global/playStop OSC commands to toggle playback
  • Added /setlist/toggleLoop OSC command to toggle the loop bracket
  • Added the ability to toggle settings via OSC
  • Added a global ableset object that custom scripts can access (docs)
  • Added a [top] attribute for lyrics tracks which aligns the current line to the top of the window
  • Added support for using the
    flag on song markers, which pauses playback when the playhead reaches it
  • Added support for LioBox's ignored cue format, so cues starting with
    are now ignored by AbleSet as well
  • Made the web app menu smaller on mobile devices
  • Improved the scrolling reliability in lyrics
  • Improved the icon on the "next section" tag
  • Improved the performance and stability of the AbleSet Controller Max for Live device
  • Improved the web app's performance and stability on unstable networks, e.g. WiFi
  • Fixed jumping back to the song start not working in safe mode
  • Fixed songs sometimes being inserted at the wrong position when using the "Add Song" dialog while not in the setlist editor
  • Fixed OSC playback commands not syncing via AbleNet
  • Fixed an infinite loop of AbleNet commands
  • Fixed progress bars being slightly off from section markers
  • Fixed the "Cued Song" button in AbleSet's Controller not working reliably
  • Fixed a visual bug in the "add song" overlay in Safari
  • Fixed an animation bug when expanding songs in the setlist view
  • Fixed a race condition that caused the AbleSet server to be started twice

Here's a video of the most important new features:


  • Fixed Safe Mode not being respected when jumping to the beginning of the current song in multi-file projects while Live is playing
  • Fixed the "next song" button on the AbleSet Controller not working properly after reaching the end of a song in multi-file projects
  • Fixed an issue where AbleSet incorrectly thought the computer was offline sometimes, which broke the license activation flow
  • Improved the performance of the web app
  • Fixed a bug that caused multi-file projects to not recognize any project files on Windows
  • Fixed a bug where songs from the Backup directory would show up in the setlist in multi-file projects sometimes
  • Fixed /global/play not working via OSC
  • Fixed multi-file project paths containing brackets not working correctly
  • Fixed file picker not reliably returning files when importing a setlist
  • Improved the speed of detecting the .local address in difficult network configurations
  • Fixed a bug that caused changes in the custom "scripts.js" file to overwrite styles in some scenarios
  • Improved the display and wrapping of lyrics lines with chords
  • Improved the performance of loading large multi-file projects
  • Improved the startup time when your computer thinks it's connected to the internet even though it isn't
  • Fixed locators that just have four digits (e.g.
    ) not being recognized as song locators
  • Fixed a severe bug that caused AbleSet to miss all markers when the AbleSet Controller isn't loaded in the Live Set
  • Added custom class names to the "next song" line in lyrics
    • If the next song is
      Song Name [.custom]
      , then the custom class is added to the lyrics line so you can give it a custom style
  • Added a force=true parameter to the jumpBySongs and jumpBySections OSC commands which disables jumping to the beginning of the current song or section when jumping back one song or section
  • Added OSC events for the current timecode and framerate
  • Added more detailed logging around installing the plugin
  • Added a tooltip to the "Visual Metronome" setting in performance view when the AbleSet Controller isn't loaded in the current Live project
  • Improved the latency of commands being sent to Ableton Live
  • Addressed an issue where the loop bracket wouldn't move to the last section of the last song in the arrangement view
  • Fixed lyrics lines with only chords taking up too much vertical space
  • Fixed an issue where Live would stop songs shortly before the
  • Fixed queued song not being sent correctly over OSC
  • Fixed the active PlayAUDIO12 scene that is sent over OSC being stuck on the last value when no PlayAUDIO12 is connected
  • Fixed Backup folders being included in multi-file projects
  • Fixed songs in multi-file projects not being recognized in some cases
  • Fixed a race condition that could have caused the AbleSet server to be started twice in very rare scenarios
  • Fixed a bug in multi-file projects that would cause songs from Backup folders to be included in the setlist
  • Fixed songs not being included in multi-file projects some in cases
  • Fixed a race condition that would cause the AbleSet server to start twice in very rare cases
  • Improved the stability of the AbleSet plugin for Ableton Live
  • Fixed multi-file project paths being synced between AbleNet instances
  • Fixed OSC events including songs that aren't part of the setlist
  • Fixed a few more bugs related to large multi-file projects
  • Improved general performance in large multi-file projects
  • Addressed another connection issue with Live 11.3.3 and 11.3.4
  • Fixed large multi-file projects causing a crash on some machines
  • Removed message that lyrics tracks aren't supported in Live 10
  • Added a +CLIPCOLORS (short: +CC) flag to sections/lyrics tracks that makes AbleSet use the colors of clips instead of the color tags in the clip names
    • This works for section clips and lyrics clips
    • Click on Setlist -> Set Clip Colors From Names to transfer the colors from clip names to the clip color and remove the color tags from the names
  • Improved the way durations are calculated
    • Now supports songs with tempo changes
    • Durations for sections are now shown as well
    • You'll now see durations for songs in multi-file projects as well
    • Changes are reflected instantly
  • Improved multi-file projects
    • SONG END
      markers are now supported at the end of songs and will
    • AbleSet now shows sections of all songs in the setlist, so you can easily jump to a specific section in a specific project file
    • Added support for files without a start marker
  • Added support for Lyrics and Section Clips in Live 10
    • Changes are only reflected in AbleSet when you save the project file
  • Added a new toggle next to every song in the setlist editor that allows you to decide whether playback should stop after reaching the
    • Playback will always stop at the end of songs with a
  • Added a confirmation dialog when trying to pause playback in Safe Mode
    • You have to press the pause button twice in less than 2 seconds in order to actually stop playback
  • Added loading indicators to playback controls when a request takes longer than expected
  • Added support for custom JavaScript files to customize the web app
  • Added OSC commands for adding/removing locators at section clips
  • Added new OSC events and made it easier to subscribe to them (see docs)
  • Added a way to define where a lyrics line should be moved when it crosses a section clip
    • [<] in the clip name moves the line before the section header, [>] moves it after the section header (see docs)
  • Added new shortcuts (0-9) to switch between lyrics tracks
  • Added an "Enable Loop" button to the Max for Live AbleSet Controller
  • Added a menu to choose which network interface you'd like to run AbleSet on
    • This influences the IP address that is shown in the status window and used for AbleNet
  • Added more debug information, especially focused on the network setup, to log packages
  • Changed the preferred port number AbleSet runs on, now using port 80 if possible
    • This means you can now leave out the port when you access AbleSet from another device on your network
  • Improved the timing of un-soloing the click track at the end of a count-in
  • Improved the way AbleSet checks if it can be reached on the network
  • Improved the stability when automatically placing locators at section clips
  • Fixed multiple bugs around editing the setlist with AbleNet enabled
  • Fixed restarting song not working properly in multi-file projects when the start marker isn't at the beginning of the project file
  • Fixed a bug that caused a skipped song to show up in performance mode after the last song had finished when “Autojump to the Next Song” was enabled
  • Fixed clicking on an address in the status window to copy it to the clipboard
  • Fixed a small layout shift on the performance page when the tooltip of the last playback button is shown

Here's a video of the most important updates: YouTube

  • Added support for locking licenses from your account page
    • While a license is locked, you can't activate it on any new computer, deactivate registered computers, or log in to your account from within AbleSet
  • Added support for choosing the "Licensed to" name from your account page
    • Instead of "Licensed to", you can now replace the email with whatever you like, e.g. "Licensed to AbleSet"
  • Improved the message you see in the web app when the connection to AbleSet is lost
  • Improved the smoothness when resizing the lyrics window
  • Fixed issues with Live 11.3 which could cause regular disconnects
  • Fixed sections not loading properly sometimes in large projects
  • Fixed changes in section and lyrics clips sometimes not being recognized by AbleSet
  • Fixed lyrics not scrolling to the first line after jumping to a new song
  • No changes in this version, but I had to bump the version number to fix an issue with the download button on the website

This could have been a larger version jump as well, but it mainly includes fixes and improvements:

  • Added support for delaying the lyrics track by a number of beats using the [+1n] attribute
  • Added support for adding custom JS scripts
  • Added a .print-setlist class to allow custom styles on the printed setlist
  • Added an "Install AbleSet Plugin" button that shows up when AbleSet takes too long to connect to Ableton Live
  • Added more network-related debug information to log packages
  • Improved the performance of checking whether AbleSet is reachable using the .local address
  • Increased the timeout for connecting to the license server
  • Fixed the loop bracket not being disabled sometimes when jumping to the next section
  • Fixed songs animating weirdly in the setlist view when their locator is moved
  • Fixed jumping to the next section not working properly in some scenarios
  • Fixed song order not updating correctly when saving a setlist in Live 10
  • Fixed song durations showing up as V/T sometimes even though the song has a constant tempo
  • Fixed jumping to the next section not working properly in some scenarios
  • Fixed song order not updating correctly when saving a setlist in Live 10
  • Fixed song durations showing up as V/T sometimes even though the song has a constant tempo
  • Performance:
    • Added a visual metronome
    • Added support for displaying section colors in the progress bar
    • Made the current and next section tags use the section's colors if available
  • Lyrics:
    • Added an optional per-line progress bar which can be enabled using the [progress] attribute
    • Added the [nosections] track attribute to hide all section headers
    • Added support for changing the color of chords on a lyrics track, e.g. with [chords:red]
    • Added support for line breaks using the \ delimiter
    • Added support for delaying lyrics tracks by a certain time, e.g. [+250ms] or [-200ms]
    • Added support for class names in lyrics, songs, and sections
      • You can add a class name in square brackets:
        Song Name [.highlight]
    • The page now shows all sections of a song even if is has no lyrics
  • Setlist:
    • Added an option to automatically expand the current song
  • Other improvements and fixes:
    • Added support for sending updates to other OSC servers (docs)
    • Added support for displaying the status of multiple connected PlayAUDIO12 audio interfaces
    • Added the ability to serve custom files along with styles by adding them to the "custom-styles" directory
      • You can learn more about custom styles in the docs
    • Added "Lifesine" to the list of tracks that get soloed while counting in
    • Fixed the Space key not stopping playback when "Stop by Default Instead of Pausing" is enabled
    • Fixed automatically jumping to the next song after a
      SONG END
      marker not working as expected in some longer sessions
    • Fixed a bug in newer versions of Live that caused jumping between songs and sections to behave strangely towards the end of longer sessions
    • Added more checks to prevent accidentally jumping to another song file while Live is playing
    • Fixed skipping between sections not working with "Count-In" enabled
    • Fixed switching between AbleNet hosts in the web app leading to a 404
    • Fixed AbleSet jumping to the first song in the set when the playhead reaches a song marker after a
      SONG END
    • Fixed dragging a project file over Live's window causing AbleSet to think that project was opened
  • Other apps like TouchOSC can now automatically discover AbleSet's OSC server on the network
  • Fixed a bug where the menu bar window would have a light background on older versions of macOS
  • Fixed an issue with the recognition of transpose flags in lyrics
  • Fixed a bug where jumping to a song by its name didn't work as expected using OSC
  • Fixed PlayAUDIO12 interfaces not being recognized on Windows in some cases
  • Fixed a styling issue where the PlayAUDIO12 status would have a gray background or might look slightly squished on older versions of Safari
  • Added new endpoints to the OSC server to change common settings
    • You can find a list of all endpoints in the OSC docs
  • Added an option to show a Stop button instead of a Pause button in the setlist and performance view
  • Added a better "no songs" placeholder when using a multi-file project
  • Added an error notification when one of the OSC servers couldn't be started because the port is already in use
  • Added an "Update now" link to the "Update downloaded" status
  • Changed the transpose syntax to require square brackets
    • The old syntax interfered with some existing projects
    • Instead of
      Song Name -1
      you can now use
      Song Name [-1]
  • Fixed
    markers not working while Safe Mode was enabled
  • Fixed autoscroll not working on some songs in the setlist view
  • Fixed jumping to the next section not working as expected when currently in a loop and the jump mode is set to "End of Section"
  • Fixed an issue that caused the "Escape Loop" button to behave strangely when AbleNet is enabled
  • Fixed Live jumping to the start of the timeline when pressing pause while playback is stopped
  • Removed a few noisy log entries
  • Improved the folder structure of log packages
  • Fixed an issue where markers with special characters would break the loading of setlists in Live 10
  • Improved the design of very short loops in the setlist and performance views
  • Added a loop indicator around sections in the setlist view that have a loop mode
  • Fixed an issue where section clips with ">>" that were placed at the same position as a locator weren't recognized as a Quick Play marker
  • Fixed an issue that caused Live to not stop at the start of songs when a section clip is located at the same position as the start locator
  • Added more class names to the lyrics view for easier custom styling

This is the biggest update to AbleSet with a bunch of new features and improvements. You can check out all new features here.


  • Lyrics & Chords
  • Customizable Performance View
  • Multi-File Projects
  • PlayAUDIO12 Integration
  • Dynamic Guide Tracks
  • Additional Jump Modes
  • OSC Support


  • Added native suport for M1/M2 Macs
  • Smoother progress bars in the setlist and performance views
  • Setlists can now be printed by pressing CMD+P in your browser
  • You can now hide skipped songs in the setlist editor
  • Searching for songs now displays more relevant results
  • Disabled the "Autoplay" option by default
  • Added an option to display the current time signature in the setlist
  • Added support for a CSS file to add custom styles to the web app
  • You can now jump forward/backward multiple songs or sections while waiting for Live's quantization
  • Added a warning notification if the quantization settings of the current project are too low, with an option to automatically increase it to 1/4
  • Added a red background to the lock button when the web app is currently locked
  • AbleNet on macOS can now automatically discover other instances of AbleSet on more network configurations
  • In projects with multiple time signatures that use the AbleSet Controller, AbleSet now displays the correct position in bars and beats
  • You can now create a log package containing all relevant information for troubleshooting, including AbleSet and Live logs, related project files, and more
  • Improved the overall performance on the web app
  • Improved notifications, automatically removing those that aren't relevant anymore
  • Improved the updating process, adding a progress indicator for downloads
  • You can now click the setlist title to enter edit mode and change it
  • Pressing ENTER in the title field saves the setlist and exits edit mode
  • AbleSet now tries to prevent your screen from going to sleep automatically while you're using the web app


  • Fixed setlist downloads having an outdated name in some cases
  • Fixed AbleSet announcing itself to other instances on the network while AbleNet is turned off
  • Fixed AbleSet not being able to connect to Live when the ports used for communicating are already blocked by another program on the computer
  • Fixed section clips not being loaded correctly sometimes when opening a new project file while AbleSet is running

Here's a video of the biggest changes: YouTube

  • Fixed a bug that caused the web app to become unavailable after AbleSet has been open for a long period of time, e.g. multiple days
  • Fixed a crash when closing the onboarding window on newer versions of macOS
  • Fixed a bug where AbleSet's plugin installer wouldn't recognize an Ableton user library properly in some cases, leading to users not being able to install the plugin
  • Improved the detection of Ableton Live's current user library in the plugin installer
  • The AbleSet Plugin can now be installed to your User Library
    • Previous versions of AbleSet would install the plugin directly into the Ableton Live app. This worked fine but in some cases, Live would accidentally reset the plugins folder during an update so you'd have to manually re-install the plugin again.
    • The latest version of macOS Ventura also added a new security measure that prevents apps from modifying other apps' data by default, which prevented the plugin installer from working correctly.
    • By installing the plugin to your User Library and letting you manually choose the User Library folder, AbleSet can work around those issues.
  • Added support for the new AbleSet Controller device
    • In some large sessions, Max for Live would stop sending commands to AbleSet
    • The new version uses a different method of communicating with AbleSet (OSC instead of HTTP) which works regardless of the session size
  • Fixed a bug in the Ableton plugin that could lead to an infinite loop of errors in very rare conditions

This is likely the last update before version 2 of AbleSet. If you've bought your license key less than 6 months ago, you'll be able to upgrade at no additional cost.

  • AbleSet now moves the start marker to the current section when jumping to it
  • You can now enable an option to let the current section finish before jumping to the selected section
  • You can now import setlists on phones and tablets using the OS' file picker
  • Muted section clips are now ignored in the setlist
  • Sections that you can't jump to are now more visible by making their titles slightly transparent
  • The loop button in the setlist view now blinks as expected while a loop escape is queued
  • Improved the performance for setlists with over 2000 markers
  • Improved the drift correction's reliability by automatically disabling it once AbleSet knows that all computers are in sync
  • Fixed the computer appearing twice in the list of hosts when AbleNet is used with custom IP addresses
  • Fixed an issue where the loop bracket wouldn't be placed correctly near the end of the Live arrangement sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where the current setlist would be overwritten by an outdated one when two AbleNet computers are syncing
  • Fixed automatic jumps between sections on one computer influencing playback on other computers with AbleNet enabled
  • Fixed downloaded setlists having an outdated file name
  • Fixed a bug that caused the downloaded setlist to have an outdated name
  • Reduced CPU usage
  • You can now password-protect the web app, so you can give more people access to it without having to worry about them modifying the setlist or disrupting playback
  • Setlists can now have a custom name that appears both in the setlist and performance view
  • You can now jump between song sections using the new Max for Live controller
  • The song and section comments in the performance view now use a brigher color for better readability
  • Added a tag to display the next song section in the performance view
  • Added an option to always stop playback when the current song ends
  • Improved the playback re-sync to be quicker when one computer isn't playing
  • Improved the display of decimals during tempo ramps
  • Improved the message you see when your trial runs out
  • Fixed the new Host address being shown even when the operating system doesn't support it
  • Fixed a bug that caused AbleSet to miss STOP markers in certain scenarios
  • Fixed the loop button flickering when jumping between cues or songs
  • Fixed the first song section marker not appearing in performance view if it has the same name as its song marker
  • Fixed loop brackets being placed in the space between a STOP marker and the next song
  • Fixed AbleSet jumping to the next song when disabling the loop bracket of the last section before a STOP marker

Here's a video of the biggest improvements: YouTube

This is the biggest update to AbleSet so far, with lots of new features, improvements, and bug fixes!

  • Added support for color-coding songs and sections – Thanks David!
    • To add a color to a song, append it to the cue's name in square brackets – e.g.
      Grand Paradise [indigo]
    • You can read more about the color-coding syntax here
  • Added support for a MIDI track for song sections in Live 11 – Thanks Martin!
    • You can read more about this feature here
  • Improved loops to make use of Live's loop bracket – Thanks Chagall!
    • This introduces a new option – "Autoloop the Current Section" – which automatically moves the loop bracket to the current section without activating it. This allows you to spontaneously loop the current section.
    • You can toggle the loop bracket from within the web app
  • Added a way to access the web app using a fixed address
    • AbleSet is now reachable on a .local domain which always stays the same independent of your computer's IP address
  • Added better tooltips to buttons in the web app – Thanks Tom & Jeppe!
    • The tooltips include hints to the shortcuts you can use for the buttons
  • Added an option to turn off autoscroll in the web app – Thanks Pat!
  • Added a prevention mechanism against accidental double clicks in the setlist – Thanks Marcus!
  • Added a check to cancel the song duration measurement when playback starts – Thanks Pat!
  • Removed the need for autoplaying song sections with count-in enabled – Thanks Martin!
  • Added the possibility to restart the current song when playback is paused – Thanks Martin!
  • Added the ability to lock the setlist view using Shift+L
  • Added the ability to enable drift correction only on one of the AbleNet hosts
  • Improved the speed of AbleNet's drift correction
  • Improved the speed of the song duration measurement
  • Improved web app performance
  • Fixed a stuck blinking song in larger Live sessions - Thanks Pat!
  • Fixed playback shortcuts not being disabled when the setlist view is locked – Thanks Chase!
  • Fixed the placeholder text in the search field sometimes displaying the wrong song name
  • Fixed metadata not being saved for songs that where another locator with the same name exists
  • Fixed app updates not working as expected
  • Fixed the web app's performance URL not loading correctly when opened directly
  • Fixed the "Restart Song" button not blinking while it's waiting for the quantisation
  • Fixed a remote IP showing sometimes even if there is no network connection
  • Fixed some notifications not doing anything when clicked

Here's a video of the biggest improvements: YouTube

  • Made the setlist exports and imports more robust – Thanks Andreas!
  • Added a blinking indicator for when a song is being restarted
  • Added the option to disable drift correction on just one machine – Thanks Matt!
  • Added a timeout to prevent songs from starting twice when they are accidentally clicked multiple times in the setlist – Thanks Marcus!
  • Added a Shift+L shortcut to lock the setlist view
  • Added an option to turn off all time alignment marker warnings
  • Fixed the time alignment warnings being displayed too often – Thanks David and Andreas!
  • Fixed the "Add a song after" placeholder text sometimes displaying the wrong song name
  • Fixed the performance page not loading when opened directly via URL
  • Fixed some notifications not reacting to clicks
  • Added a way to lock the setlist view entirely – Thanks Marcus!
  • Fixed a critical issue that impacted stability and performance when your computer wasn't connected to the internet – Thanks Martin!
  • Improved the error message when you try to install the Ableton Plugin and Live couldn't be found on your system
  • Improved logging to include more information about certain errors when they occur
  • Added a Safe Mode which prevents accidental jumps to other songs while Ableton is playing – Thanks Marcus!
  • Fixed an issue where AbleSet wouldn't let you edit your setlist when AbleNet was enabled but just one computer was connected – Thanks Martin!
  • Fixed markers with a duration of
    Marker [10:00]
    or longer appearing as 1 hour in the setlist – Thanks Nick!
  • Reduced the threshold for the back button's changed behavior from 8 to 4 beats
  • Re-added Tab and CMD+K shortcuts to the setlist view
  • Fixed settings not updating in real-time sometimes
  • Fixed an issue that prevented AbleSet from starting on older versions of macOS – Thanks Marcus!
  • The "Previous Song" button now allows you to restart the current song – Thanks Marcus!

This update has been a long time in the making and contains lots of fixes and improvements.

  • Added a Count-In feature that starts playback a few bars before the actual start of the song – Thanks Martin!
  • Improved layout of the performance view, with a bigger LTC display – Thanks Matt & Martin!
  • Added a button to completely lock the performance view without being able to accidentally unlock it – Thanks Matt!
  • Removed warnings about marker positions in the setlist view when quantization is disabled – Thanks Miller!
  • You can now manually specify the IP addresses of AbleNet clients – Thanks Miller!
  • AbleSet now syncs quantization settings between AbleNet clients to ensure playback stays in sync
  • Computers that join AbleNet now automatically sync the setlist to ensure that the order of songs is correct
  • Added
    flags for stop markers – Thanks Martin!
  • Added a
    flag for section markers that pauses playback once the section is reached – Thanks Gregori!
  • Added a warning in the setlist for markers that don't have a name – Thanks Martin!
  • Added support for sessions using Live's own loop brackets – Thanks Matt!
  • Improved reliability when installing the AbleSet Plugin on Windows – Thanks Dennis!
  • Improved the web app performance
  • Lots of small improvements
  • Fixed issues with AbleSet on older versions of Safari – Thanks Marcus!
  • Fixed a bug where song durations wouldn't be displayed correctly in the performance mode – Thanks David!
  • Added a way to install new versions from the options menu
  • AbleSet can now display the current SMPTE timecode with the LTC Display device if you're using an LTC timecode track – Thanks Chase!
  • You can now quickly search for songs and insert them into the setlist using ⌘+K or the plus button
  • Added an option to automatically jump to the next song when a stop point is reached – Thanks Matt!
  • You can now switch between setlist and performance mode using the key – Thanks Chase!
  • When you start editing a setlist, AbleSet will now only measure the durations of new songs. You can trigger a measure of all songs with the refresh button next to the total setlist duration.
  • AbleSet now detects
    markers without a space
  • Removed the Record button from the setlist view to clean up the UI
  • Fixed AbleSet jumping to the next song one bar after starting a song in certain situations – Thanks Dane!
  • Fixed playback not stopping after reaching the
    marker of the last song in the setlist

Here's a video of the biggest improvements: YouTube

  • Added a prompt for the setlist name when downloading a setlist – Thanks Mark!
  • Fixed an issue where AbleSet would take long to load when it thought it had an internet connection even though there was none – Thanks Mark!
  • Disabled notifications about automatic failed update checks
  • Rolled back a change that caused the app to crash for some people on macOS
  • Removed the "place cue on a beat" warnings when using an 8/8 time signature
  • After a stop marker has been reached, pressing Space will jump to the next song – Thanks Mickey!
    • When Autoplay is disabled, pressing Space a second time will start playback
    • The same behavior is also available in the Ableton Device's "Play Cued Cue" button
  • Pressing Shift+Space will start the current cue again instead of continuing playback – Thanks Mickey!
  • The Performance view now shows the current song's duration as well as the number and duration of remaining songs – Thanks Mickey!
  • Improved performance and reliability
  • Quick Play buttons now stay visible when the performance mode is locked – Thanks Devin!
  • You can now add or remove all songs from your setlist with a simple button at the bottom of the setlist – Thanks Devin!
  • Improved logging for easier debugging in case something goes wrong
  • Fixed issues with looping when AbleNet is enabled – Thanks Marco!
  • Fixed a flash of the next cue when looping back to the last cues – Thanks Marco!
  • Fixed an issue where imported setlists would not be saved – Thanks Marco!
  • Improved metadata storage in Ableton, the project is only touched when data has actually changed – Thanks Stijn!
  • Improved performance
  • Added a tooltip on song durations that could not be measured automatically
  • Added a Shift+L shortcut in performance mode to lock/unlock it – Thanks Chase!
  • Added an autoscroll on the setlist when the song changes – Thanks Stijn!
  • Added a filter for Clyphx cues, AbleSet now ignores them completely – Thanks Stijn!
  • Improved the reliability of the song duration measurement
  • Fixed the plugin installation process on some systems
  • If there is a problem with permissions, AbleSet will ask for elevated privileges and try again
  • Fixed a bug where AbleSet jumped to the wrong cue upon reaching a stop point
  • Fixed an issue when port 3000 is already in use by another app on your computer
  • Fixed an issue that caused higher latency every 2.5 seconds which could cause glitches
  • Added an option to lock the current setlist – Thanks George!
    • Locking the setlist disables the editing mode so that the song order can't be accidentally changed.
  • Hid the AbleSet dock icon on macOS – Thanks Stijn!
  • Fixed an issue where macOS would suspend AbleSet after a while which sometimes led to glitches
  • Fixed an issue where AbleSet would jump to the wrong time upon reaching a stop point
  • Fixed AbleSet stopping playback sometimes when jumping to a song that has a stop marker
  • Added more logs for the plugin installation process
  • Fixed a bug where jumping to the next cue during the last bar of a loop would not work – Thanks Marco!
  • Improved logging of playback errors
  • Added an option to disable the AbleNet drift correction – Thanks Devin!
  • The tray window now opens after closing the onboarding window
  • Fixed a bug where some AbleNet wouldn't be sent to some computers
  • Settings are now automatically synced to new AbleSet instances that join AbleNet
  • Fixed an issue where the web app would not show the current state after the client wakes back up from sleep – Thanks Russell!
  • Made importing setlists more reliable – Thanks Russell!
  • Added more information to the log files for easier debugging
  • Added automatic drift correction for AbleNet – Thanks Moritz!
    • In some cases, the computers would start playback slightly out of sync due to network or disk latency
    • Drift correction will now automatically nudge the computers back into sync using Ableton's Phase Nudge feature

This has been one of the biggest releases in a while.

  • AbleSet can now control multiple computers in a redundant playback setup
    • You can activate it by enabling "AbleNet" in the settings menu
    • More details are available in the documentation
    • Big thanks to the beta testers who provided feedback on this feature
  • Added a new subcue type that you can quickly access in the performance view – Thanks for the idea, Russell!
    • Prefix your subcue with
      instead of
      to add it to the performance view
  • You can now view AbleSet's logs in the settings menu
  • Many performance and stability improvements
  • Added support for loops that always play to the end when you escape them – Thanks Russell!
  • Just add
    to the end of a cue instead of
    mark- Added the ability to escape a loop using the Max 4 Live device
  • Added a new
    cue that you can use to mark the end of a song without stopping playback – Thanks for the idea, Ollie!
  • Added keyboard support for controlling playback
  • You'll now see the description of subcues in the performance view
  • Added a warning for cues that aren't placed on a beat
  • Added support for iOS 15's new Safari
  • Added an error message when updating AbleSet failed
  • Lots of under-the-hood performance, stability, and UX improvements
  • Fixed an issue where the onboarding and plugin installation windows wouldn't open on macOS – Thanks Michael!
  • Fixed an issue where AbleSet wouldn't start on macOS versions below Mojave (10.14) – Thanks Ollie!
  • Fixed an issue where imported setlists wouldn't affect track skipping – Thanks Thorsten!
  • Fixed an issue with large setlists not loading on macOS – Thanks Charlie!
  • Made notifications silent so they don't disrupt your set
  • Added support for loops in the arrangement
    • Simply add +LOOP to the end of a cue and the section between it and the next cue will be looped
  • Added option to turn off Autoplay – Thanks Thorsten for the idea!
    • When Autoplay is turned off, clicking on a song in AbleSet won't start playback but will just move the cursor to the selected cue so you can start playback manually
  • Added a button to lock the performance view – Thanks Jasper!
  • The play/pause button now has a slight green tint when Ableton is playing
  • The skip buttons will now flash green while the next or previous song is queued
  • General performance and stability improvements

Here's a video of the new features: YouTube

  • Added support for Ableton Live 11
    • After upgrading, make sure that you install and enable the AbleSet plugin in Ableton Live 11
  • Upgraded dependencies to the latest version
  • Fixed an issue with umlauts and other special characters in cue names - Thanks Benjamin!
  • Fixed the "next song" button sometimes skipping to the wrong song - Thanks Léon!
  • Upgraded dependencies to the latest version
  • Fixed setlist duration shortly being wrong when saving the setlist
  • Fixed a little UI inconsistency in the application windows' borders on macOS
  • Fixed error messages when the provided license key is invalid
  • Made AbleSet compatible with Windows
  • Added the ability to see the duration of your setlist and its songs
  • Performance improvements

Here's a video of the new features: YouTube

  • This is the initial release of AbleSet 🚀