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Using a MIDI Track to Define Song Sections

Since version 1.9.0, you can use a MIDI track in Live 11 to define song sections. This cleans up the session since you have to use fewer markers.

This feature requires Live 11 or higher to work properly.

To get started, create a MIDI track called "Sections" and add empty MIDI clips to it where the song sections are. It might look a bit like this:

MIDI Clips on the Sections Track

AbleSet will recognize these clips as section markers and add them to your song. The clip duration doesn't matter – each section ends where the next one begins.

Recognized Sections

You can use the cue notation syntax to add comments and set a color for a marker.

If you like, you can combine the use of section cues and clips in your songs. If there's a cue and a section clip at the same time, AbleSet will display both.

Due to some limitations with Ableton Live's API, sections defined by clips can only be jumped to when Live isn't currently playing.

Even with these limitations, section clips are a great way for defining sections that you want to jump to during rehearsals – combined with the count-in function, this is a great way to practice certain sections of a song.