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The easiest way to manage and control your Ableton setlist.

Control your Ableton set from any device. Reorder songs as you please. AbleSet lets you focus on delivering awesome shows.

Super Simple Setup

Setting up AbleSet is as simple as installing the app and adding the plugin to Ableton. The integrated assistant guides you through the necessary steps.

Create Your Setlist in Seconds

AbleSet uses the cues of your Ableton project to create your setlist. Use the setlist notation to define songs and sections, and add comments, loops, stop points, and more.

Use Your Computer, Tablet, or Phone to Launch Songs

Since AbleSet runs in the browser, it can be used on any device that's in the same network as your computer. Want to use AbleSet on multiple devices at the same time? That's no problem. Everything happens in real-time.

Reorder Songs as You Please

AbleSet allows you to quickly reorder and exclude songs from your setlist, without needing to touch the Ableton session. The total duration lets you know how long your set will take.

Stay Informed With the Performance View

The performance view gives you all important information about your setlist at a glance. Quickly see the current and next song, work with notes, and control playback in a minimalistic interface that's perfect for on-stage tablet use.

Control Multiple Computers for Redundant Playback

If you're running a redundant playback system with two or more computers, AbleSet can control them all simultaneously through AbleNet. No matter which of your machines might crash, your show will keep running.

Control AbleSet With Your MIDI Controller of Choice

If you prefer to control playback from your MIDI controller instead of your phone or tablet, AbleSet ships with a Max for Live device that allows you to do exactly that. You can also combine both methods to create the setup that suits you.

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You can use the trial for as long as you want, but playback will stop every 15 minutes.

What Customers Are Saying

For anyone that uses Ableton Live's Arrangement View for live performance, this looks extremely helpful!

Brian Funk, Ableton Certified Trainer

AbleSet is the ultimate playback control tool for Ableton Live. It has allowed me to eliminate so many workarounds and has even freed up space in my rig by eliminating the need for so many extra MIDI components. I look forward to integrating AbleSet across all of my playback systems.

Chase Foster, Playback Engineer

AbleSet has singlehandedly solved a handful of playback control problems for one of my bands. It's the perfect blend of an advanced feature set with a smart, minimalistic UI that's easy to navigate on stage. Reliable, lightweight, flexible, accessible from any device – AbleSet is exactly what I've been looking for.

Pat Valley, Guitarist and Technical Director

AbleSet is proving to be a pivotal tool for our church as we continue to innovate in our approach to using tracks. We had been looking for a tool to allow us to run Ableton from multiple points on stage as well as be flexible with setlists and arrangements on the fly. When we found AbleSet, it has helped us to easily accomplish what we are after.

Russell Newton, Audio Engineer at NewSpring Church

When I started using Ableton, I couldn't believe there wasn't a tool to manage markers within the project natively available. Upon some research, I stumbled upon AbleSet which is so professionally made that it feels like a native tool, and has become an integral part of my workflow, simplifying both studio work and live performance.

Pablosko, Music Twitch Streamer

Try AbleSet For Free

You can use the trial for as long as you want, but playback will stop every 15 minutes.