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Frequently Asked Questions


What version of Live is AbleSet compatible with?

AbleSet works with all editions of Live 10 and 11, though some features like section clips and lyrics tracks require Live 11. If you want to use the Max for Live controller, you either need Live Suite or the Max upgrade for Live Standard.

What version of macOS can AbleSet run on?

I've tested and officially support AbleSet on macOS Cataline (10.15.7) and higher but you might be able to get it working on older versions as well.

What version of Windows can AbleSet run on?

AbleSet can run on Windows 10 and 11.

What version of iOS or iPadOS is AbleSet compatible with?

You can use AbleSet on iOS 12 and higher, but I'd recommend using iOS 14 for the best experience.


How many computers can a license be activated on?

You can activate each AbleSet license on two computers. If you've upgraded from AbleSet 1, you can activate it on four computers.

To see the status of your licenses and how many computers they can, be activated on, go to your account page.

How long is a license valid?

AbleSet licenses don't expire and come with one year of free updates. If you want to update to a version that was released more than a year after you bought your license, you can renew it from your account page.

Why does a license only come with one year of free upates?

I've thought about the licensing scheme for AbleSet for a long time. I don't like subscription models where you lose access to the software you're paying for as soon as you stop paying, but working on new features takes a lot of work, so I decided to use this hybrid model instead.

If you're not interested in the new updates that get released more than one year after you bought your license, you don't have to renew it and can continue using the version you own for as long as you like. If you like the new features, you can renew your license at any point in time to receive another year of updates.


Does AbleSet have to be connected to the internet to work?

No, since AbleSet runs its own web server on your computer, you can use it without an internet connection. Just make sure all your devices are on the same network and you're good to go.

How can I create a network on stage?

There are multiple ways to create a network on stage. Check out this guide for more information on this topic.

Redundant Setup / AbleNet

Does AbleNet have the same 1024 bar limitation Live's sync has?

AbleNet doesn't have any limitation regarding the length of the set.


AbleSet is stuck on "Connecting to Ableton..."

This is a sign that AbleSet can't establish a connection to its Ableton and can have multiple causes. Try those steps to fix it:

  • Is Live running and is the AbleSet plugin selected in the MIDI preferences?
    • If you don't see the AbleSet plugin, it might not be installed. Go to AbleSet's settings menu, click on "Add AbleSet Plugin to Ableton", and then follow the assistant to install and configure the plugin.
  • Do you see any error messages in the status bar of Live?

I see "Cannot bind to ('', 39041), port in use. Trying again..." in Live's status bar

This can happen if another program is already using the port Live uses to communicate with AbleSet, or if the port wasn't closed properly by the operating system before.

To fix this, please try restarting your computer. This resets all open ports and should allow Live to connect to AbleSet again.

Ableton Live doesn't jump to the next song or section in time

While Live is playing, AbleSet jumps to a song or section by activating its locator a short time before the jump is supposed to happen which respects Live's global quantization. You can simulate this by clicking on that locator in the arrangement view yourself while Live is playing.

If clicking on the same locator yourself also shows the same behavior, that's a good sign that the locator isn't placed on the quantization grid. You can fix this either by moving the locator onto the quantization grid or by decreasing the global quantization – 1/2 and 1/4 should work well.

How can I report a bug?

You can send bug reports to To help me understand and reproduce the bug on my end, you can include the following information:

  • A description of the bug and steps that led to it
  • AbleSet's log package (Settings -> Create Log Package) including the project file
  • Pictures or videos of the bug